Can Smoking Weed Affect Your Period? – Effects of Smoking Weed

Periods are that time of the month where, we, women want to try anything that helps in our mood swings, cramps, bloating, etc. The consumption of weed or cannabis has increased in the last decade as it helps with decreasing the cramps during the menstrual cycle. A lot of studies state that Cannabis has medicinal effects and is an excellent analgesic that is something that can soothe pain. It has the properties of a painkiller. Due to its properties and now that it is legal in many states the cannabis has become popular among youth. While there are some benefits of marijuana-linked to the menstrual cycle, we must know and understand all the effects of cannabis before consuming it. It involves the three stages: pre-menstruation phase, periods, and ovulation.

Can Smoking Weed Affect Your Period?

For helping all the readers to decide if consuming cannabis is a good idea for their periods, I am going to describe the effects of weed in detail in this article.

1. Effects of Cannabis During the Pre-menstruation Phase


The phase before menstruation starts known as the “pre-menstruation phase”. There are many changes in the levels of hormones in the body during this phase. These changes may lead to anxiety, mood swings, bloating, etc. The level of one specific hormone known as progesterone is very high during this phase. There are many cases where such a high level can cause abnormal symptoms in this phase. The hormone progesterone is responsible for altering the levels of prolactin and cortisol. It can also be responsible for increasing the levels of these hormones during this phase. The high levels of cortisol are linked to stress and can also be the reason for irritability in this phase.

A report suggests that the use of cannabis in this phase can help in reducing the levels of progesterone. By suppressing the levels of progesterone, it is possible to relieve cramps and reduce the levels of stress in women. Women who smoke weed have said that they have seen their anxiety lower down and also the levels of stress are low. There are others who have reported that cannabis had a relaxant effect on the body. So smoking weed might not help with the hormones as there aren’t enough reports to prove that, but it helps in relieving pain and feeling less anxious.

2. Effects of Smoking Weed on Menstrual Cycle and Periods

weed on menstrual cycle

Several reports suggest that smoking pot during periods can shorten the length of the menstrual cycle. It also indicates that your periods can end before the actual day if you are someone who smokes during periods. This might be exciting news for some people out there but hold your horses. There are studies that also show that the consumption of weed during periods can also delay the periods next month, which is not that great news. These studies are also supported by the observations of the women who smoke pot while on the periods. In short, cannabis affects the length of the menstrual cycle and can be responsible for the delay in periods too.

That said, weed is a natural painkiller and can help to reduce cramps while you are menstruating. It can also reduce stress and elevate the hormones that are responsible for a pleasant mood. So say bye-bye to mood swings if you smoke pot during periods. Apart from this it can also regulate the levels of hormone and reduce breast pain as well as acne during periods.

3. Effects of Cannabis on Fertility and Pregnancy

Effects of Cannabis on Fertility and Pregnancy

If you are someone who is an avid weed smoker, then there is something you need to know about the effects of cannabis on fertility during the ovulation phase. Many studies and reports suggest that the consumption of weed during periods or the ovulation period can decrease fertility. Yes, you read it right. Marijuana is not beneficial if you are planning to conceive as it reduces the fertility rate. Consumption of cannabis releases certain compounds in the body which can also lead to the slow implantation of the embryo in the uterus as it blocks the ovulation.

So it’s advisable to stop smoking weed if you are planning a baby as it is going to affect the process and make it hard for you to conceive. It is observed that regular smokers can start developing resistance towards such compounds which might not block the ovulation process with the frequent use of cannabis.

Concluding remarks

Consuming marijuana is beneficial for women who suffer severe cramps and mood swings during periods due to hormone fluctuations. It is helpful for women suffering from unusual pre-menstruation symptoms or PMS. However, it is not good for women planning to start a family. Cannabis can help in relaxing and decrease the anxiety but at the same time can affect the length of the menstrual cycle. Take all these points into consideration before smoking pot on or before your periods.

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