Is It Better to Use Pads or Tampons – Know Which Is Better for Period

If there is one question that has been asked for years and yet women are confused about, what is better – pads or tampons? To answer this burning and frequently asked question, I say, Tampons are better than pads! Wait, don’t go yet. I know this question is entirely subjective to women’s choices and various other factors; here is my take on pads vs tampons that can help you differentiate as well as know the pros and cons of both these sanitary products.

Is It Better to Use Pads or Tampons?

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary PadsSanitary pads need no introduction. Several women have memories of their first period with this sanitary product. Although I am a 90’s kid, sanitary pads have been my choice for periods for as long as I can remember. These pads are easy to use as one just needs to stick the pad onto undies. It is usually made of highly absorbent cotton and other materials that can prevent leakages.

Pads come in a range of variants and sizes depending upon the type of flow. There are pads for heavy flow as well as medium flow. However, these pads need to be changed frequently in order to avoid any instances of infections. A pad shouldn’t be worn for more than 6-7 hours during light or medium flow and no more than 3-4 hours during heavy flow. 


TamponsTampons quickly became popular given how comfortable it is to wear them and carry on with your routine. These cylindrical inserts are generally made of cotton, rayon, and other such highly absorbent materials. Most of these tampons come with an applicator that can be used to insert them into the vagina with ease. It can be easily removed with the help of a string. 

Like sanitary pads, tampons also come in a variety of sizes depending upon your flow type. It is advisable to change your tampons every 8 hours in case of medium or light flow. 

Now that you know a little information about pads and tampons, I will share the pros and cons of both these sanitary products.

Pads Vs Tampons

Pads VS Tampons



Pads are comfortable to wear as just one needs to stick it to the under pants. Suitable for the women who don’t like inserting a tampon or a cup. Tampons can seem a little challenging to wear it but once you get a grip over it, it can be inserted & take out in no time. 
Pads are bulky and can be a tad bit uncomfortable to wear for longer hours as a lot of women complain about the pad linings sneaking through their pants.Tampons are small, portable and do peak through your pants.
Pads can be worn overnight, just make sure that it offers the variant you are choosing the pads with maximum absorbency. Tampons can also be worn at night, however some women do not prefer wearing them at night.
Although pads can efficiently absorb the blood flow, there can be instances of stains.Tampons provide complete protection against the leakage and stain. 
Athletes, swimmers or other people who like doing physical activities find it uncomfortable to wear pads doing the activity.One can easily swim, do exercise and other activities with ease wearing a tampon. 
Pads do not cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).Tampons have been reported to the potential risk of TSS. 

What’s Better, Pads or Tampons?

Looking at all the pros and cons of both these products, tampons have the upper hand when it comes to comfort, portability and protection against leakage. Again the choice of such a product should be subjective and don’t take our word, try both these products and figure out which one you prefer more over the other. 

Closing Thoughts

I hope this blog post helps you distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of both these sanitary products. Make sure to select the right size and type of pads or tampons to avoid leakages or stains.

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