Can a Tampon Break Your Hymen – Thing People Get Wrong About Hymen

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to periods, tampons, virginity and so on. And while we try to debunk all these myths and aspire to answer all these questions, one such frequently asked question that we encounter is that can a tampon break your hymen? The answer is yes, it can. But before you start freaking out and ruling out tampons as the choice of your sanitary product, read this blog post to find out more about this topic. Because, as they always say, having only a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Can a Tampon Break Your Hymen

Can a Tampon Break Your Hymen To understand this topic better, let’s first dive into details of what hymen exactly is.

The Hymen

A hymen is a collar of the tissue which is attached to the wall of the vagina. It is neither a membrane nor an entrance that some people might think. It is fleshy and thin tissue located at the opening of the vagina. There are lots of misconceptions regarding hymen and their relation to virginity.

Hymens do have openings but can be stretched open due to various activities like riding a bicycle, any other physical activity, or penetrative intercourse. In some cases, people are born with a little hymenal tissue, which seems like they don’t have a hymen, while in some instances, the hymen is very small. So like our other body organs, hymens are different for every woman out there.

Do Tampons Take Your Virginity?

NO, it does not. When virgin girls or women insert a tampon, their hymens stretch to accommodate this. So in no way it can affect their virginity. 

Can Your Hymen Break From a Tampon?

Some cultures are rigid towards the idea of having intact hymen to prove their virginity. But what we are missing out on is that it is just a fleshy tissue that can be stretched due to various other reasons.

Some women can have a comfortable experience while wearing Tampons without stretching their hymens too much. This is entirely subjective, and no one general statement can justify it; tampons can or cannot break your hymens. 

If the hole’s opening is small, tampons can stretch the hymens completely, which can result in its breakage. This can also happen while you try a menstrual cup as both tampons and cups have to be inserted into the vagina, stretching the hymen. So make sure to know this while making a purchase.

Can Virgins Wear Tampons?

Yes, virgins can wear tampons; however, it is advisable to consult your gynaecologist to ensure that you are getting the right size of tampons to avoid any mishaps.

Closing Remarks

In a nutshell, the tampons can break your hymens, but that is also very common if you are doing even the simplest of actions such as dancing, horse riding, etc. Inserting a tampon or a menstrual cup can break your hymen. While we do not believe or promote such ideas, we understand that everybody is coming from a different place. However, if you come from a community or region where an intact hymen is of much importance culturally or socially, you can talk about it to your mother or gynaecologist to know how to go about it.

Feel free to use this article and all the information shared over here to make an informed choice. And if you are not comfortable wearing a tampon or just started menstruating, we would suggest you opt for sanitary pads for a while.

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