Can Surgery Affect your Period | Know about Menstruation After Surgery

Women in their mid-thirties or forties who have been through surgery often ask, does surgery affect the menstrual cycle? The answer is no; the surgery directly doesn’t affect the menstrual cycle or even your bleeding in the periods. There are several papers and scientific reports for the relationship between the menstrual cycle and surgery. And although the surgery doesn’t affect the cycle, there are certain changes in your body post-surgery that can affect your period. To understand these changes better, let us go through all the possible factors that are crucial for the regulation of the menstrual cycle. 

Can Surgery Affect your Period?



Not many women emphasize this factor, but ladies, this is the most common factor that can delay your period. Several women can be stressed post some major surgery such as abdominal surgery or one for treating some vital organs in your body. The elevated levels of stress affect the hormonal level in your body.

As all the hormones are regulated by one another, it is quite usual to see a delay in your body due to an imbalance in the hormone. It can also induce early periods depending upon the level of hormones in your body. Stress is linked to the regulation of estrogen and progesterone, which are the two essential sex hormones regulating your menstrual cycle. 

So if you are stressed or anxious after the surgery, expect a delay in your periods or early periods by a week or two. Also, I would suggest you stay calm and divert your mind as much stress can result in an extended delay, which becomes the reason for more stress and hence this vicious cycle continues. And so I would suggest my fellow beauties relax their mind by indulging in some spa sessions or other activities that can help you to relieve your stress.


Medication affects periods

Several women have reported that taking certain pills post or before surgeries have affected their menstrual cycle. Seeing this effect is quite reasonable, as medicines work differently for everyone due to their formulation. Hence, it can also affect your menstrual cycle due to the overall changes in your body. Multiple women on antibiotics have often reported that they got their periods earlier than their date. And hence if you see some irregularity in your menstrual cycle, then it is because of the pills that you are taking probably.

Phase of your menstrual cycle:

Phase of your menstrual cycle

The stage of the menstrual you choose to opt for surgery also determines if there will be effects on your cycle. In many cases of operation for breast cancer, the doctors recommend choosing the day that is two weeks before your period date. There are several scientific papers available on the phase you should select for the particular surgery. However, there are no such adverse or long term effects on your menstrual cycle because of the phase you opt for. It is generally advisable to avoid operations near the date of your periods for your own comfort. Yet if the conditions are inevitable, you can get your surgery done while you are on your periods or even closer to your due date.

Final Verdict

The surgeries and operations are nowhere directly linked to the delay or any effects on your menstrual cycle. But the physical and mental stress or trauma caused due to the operation can have some effects on your period. However, these effects do not last longer than a couple of weeks and so you shouldn’t stress about the same. So don’t worry about the effects as these are short-lived. Your cycle is back to normal once all the hormones are regulated and there is no infection.

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