Can You Use Tampons While Pregnant: Know more about tampons & pregnancy

If you are going to be a mommy for the first time, there might be so many questions running in your mind right now. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for any woman and but it sure comes with the responsibility of keeping up with your and your baby’s health. A lot of women experience discharge and bleeding in their pregnancy, which might seem troublesome. In order to prevent the leakage, a lot of women tend to incline towards tampon, but are they really safe during pregnancy? To help you get the answers to all such questions related to pregnancy and tampons, we have shared all this information in this blog.

Can You Use Tampons While Pregnant?

tampon during pregnancy

To answer the first question of wearing a tampon during pregnancy, let’s put it this way: No, you shouldn’t wear a tampon during pregnancy. Now you might be wondering why; well, there are several reasons why tampons are not safe during pregnancy:

Tampons impose a higher risk of coming in contact with a lot of germs and bacteria that are not safe for your baby.

Some women also suffer from irritation due to germs or infection, which can make your pregnancy uncomfortable. It is advisable to avoid any such thing that can irritate your skin down below.

Tampons can also cause infections if there are a lot of bacteria and germs entering your body.

If you are suffering from excessive bleeding, it is essential to keep on a watch so that you can detect any problem at an early stage. Wearing a tampon will make it difficult to monitor your bleeding, thus masking the problem.

Can Using a Tampon Cause a Miscarriage?

Can using a tampon cause a miscarriage

There are no such reports that say that tampons can cause a miscarriage. However, it is not recommended for the to-be moms to risk their baby’s health by opting for a tampon. If you are experiencing some spotting, bleeding, or vaginal discharge, it is better to opt for sanitary pads instead of tampons as they are much safe. 

Tampons increase the chances of infections and toxic shock syndrome, which is not advisable for pregnant women. A lot of women opt for tampons for their periods because of their super absorbency, but when this tampon is left for quite a long inside the body, it can have several side effects on your body that can be harmful to you. 

Is Bleeding Common During Pregnancy?

Is bleeding common during pregnancy

Absolutely yes! Many women have had a healthy pregnancy have experienced some bleeding in their first trimester. A little bleeding and vaginal discharge are common during pregnancy. However, if you see a heavy flow, then it is advisable to visit your doctor to get it checked. Doctors also recommend using long sanitary pads, as the bleeding is not that intense while pregnant, and a pad can hold the flow. 

But be careful and observant about your bleeding, don’t ignore it completely, and keep a check on the flow. All these reasons depict that tampons are not safe for pregnant women because it imposes a risk on both mothers and babies. But if you didn’t know about your pregnancy and wore a tampon near your date of periods, then don’t stress out. 

Concluding Remarks

Taking some precautions is always better than cure! Now that you know that tampons are not safe to use while pregnant, do not use them and also help your friends & family know about the same. And if you have used it by mistake once, don’t get too stressed and avoid using it in the future. Apart from that, if you experience a heavy flow and abdominal pain, consult your doctor immediately. Because a little bleeding or spotting is usual, but the flow shouldn’t be too heavy for the pads to hold. 

Lastly, enjoy your pregnancy by indulging in good nutritious food, baby books, and all the other things that can uplift your mood. Destress yourself and be ready to embrace the motherhood. Happy Pregnancy!

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