Best Pads for Sports Period – Suitable Sanitary Pad for Sports Classes

If you’re a woman athlete, it is undoubtedly difficult to get through all the pain and period cramps. But, when you are very passionate about your sport, nothing can bother you. The periods are not going to stop you from training, practising, or playing like a beast, right? However, we can’t deny the fact that participating in competitive sports when you are going through your first three days of the menstrual cycle is a thing to take care of!

Best Pads for Sports Period

Not only women related to sports, but many other ladies, such as trainers or dancers, also face such issues every month. It is essential to know about the right and the best sanitary pads for sports, tampons, or menstrual cups during the game or practice sessions. This article will throw some light about the same. Here you will get the pads that are specially designed for sports and for the women who have a heavy flow.

1. U by Kotex Fitness Ultra Thin Pads with Wings for Sports PeriodU by Kotex Fitness

The first day of the period is the most difficult one. One may get awful period cramps from the bloated stomach. Also, it is the most critical day to get bloodstains on the clothes or innerwear. That is the primary reason to have the best sports pads so that you can avoid leakages at the time of performances and stay stressfree. U by Kotex Fitness Ultra Thin Pads are perfect for yoga, running, or any other type of work out.

Key Features and Specifications

  • These pads provide the ultimate protection even when you are in motion with absorbent pads and wings. There will be no stain while practising!
  • The company produces ultra-thin pads to make you feel comfortable. They are powerful enough to absorb your regular flow. 
  • They are individually wrapped for easy transportation. You can take a single piece or in a bunch anytime, anywhere. Keep it conveniently in your gym bag.
  • U by Kotex Fitness is flexible enough to fit in shape. Even if they move or twist with your body, they will stay in place so that you can play without worrying.
  • They feature the Xpress DRI Core that absorbs well and quickly locks away wetness. This way, there is no chance to leak any liquid from the pads.

Note: Being a part of a privileged family, we always wanted to do something for the people who are unable to get the necessary facilities. U by Kotex Fitness provides a chance to help underprivileged women with their products. This festive season, the company will donate two products to women in need (up to 250,000) through the Alliance for Period Supplies. 

2. Playtex Sport Ultra Thin Pads with WingsPlaytex Sport Ultra Thin Pads

Playtex is a popular name when it comes to sport pads for periods. If you are running, dancing, or not doing anything, period cramps are not going to leave you. But, you can get rid of all your worries wearing a trustworthy pad. You are surely going to perform better when you are entirely focused only on the game. Playtex Sport Ultra Thin Pads with Wings can make you feel confident with their best features.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The Playtex Sport Pads offer a Flex-Fit design. It means that you can play, walk, run, or sleep the way you do throughout the day, without any tension.
  • The pads are designed with a Qwik-Dry and Anti-Leak Absorbent Core. These features help in pulling the fluid quickly into the pad and lock it inside.
  • Playtex Sport offers Odor Shield Technology. You may have an experience that many pads leave a terrible smell. These pads neutralize odors in advance.
  • They have a cottony cover that is ultra-soft and works best to provide extra comfort. You will not get rashes because of the pads.
  • They fit comfortably in your active lifestyle. Apart from the pads, you can also buy body shape panty liners and tampons manufactured by Playtex.


3. La Vie Organic Cotton Top Sheet for Sports PeriodLa Vie Organic Cotton

If your vaginal skin is too sensitive and can’t bear standard pads for the whole twenty-four hours, then it’s time to try something organic. La Vie Organic menstrual pads are made with a top sheet of fibers to avoid rashes on the soft skin. The wings and all other features are the same as any other brands, but these pads are 100% organic. You will not find any fragrances or artificial dyes.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Their organic cotton top sheet has a breathable AirFit cushion. It fits close to your body so that the pad can quickly absorb the fluid and stays dry.
  • These pads help you to feel comfortable, fresh and protected during the days when you experience heavier flow. They are odorless.
  • La Vie feminine long pads for women are made from an OCS certified top sheet of fibers. They are made from 100% organically grown cotton.
  • You can use these pads while playing, running, or even at the time of pole dancing. La Vie Organic also provides ultra-thin regular pads and liners.
  • Many ladies are allergic to chlorine, and that’s why they get rashes after their every menstrual cycle. These pads do not include that. They are 100% pure.


4. Always Infinity Heavy Flow Absorbency Infinity Heavy Flow Absorbency

Periods and cramps are unavoidable in a woman’s life. They play a considerable role and come to irritate the females every month, but can’t stop you from achieving your goals. Also, even if you can miss the practice session during periods, then also you should not! Because exercising during your menstrual cycle can help you feel better. Take the help from Always Infinity Heavy Flow Absorbency and keep amusing the world.

Key Features and Specifications

  • These are thin and light-weight. You will not get any pressure and feel dry all the time during your periods. They can absorb 10 times more than its weight.
  • Females love this product because of the best fit and FlexFoam material. It helps the pad with the twist and turns according to your body’s movement.
  • Always Infinity is specially designed for the ladies who are suffering from the heavy flow throughout their periods. The pads come with Flexi-wings.
  • These pads give the best protection by tailoring your pad to fit your flow. You will get the exact fit according to your panty size. Use the sizing chart to find your fit.
  • The brand claims that these pads can give you leak-free protection for 10 hours, although it is advisable to change ANY pad after 6 hours to maintain hygiene.


5. Playtex Sport Combo Pack with Regular Tampons and Ultra Thin PadsPlaytex Sport Combo Pack

Unlike other products mentioned above, Playtex Sport Combo Pack gives you an option to choose between Regular and Super Tampons and Ultra Thin Pads. You can get 18 unscented tampons and 14 ultra-thin pads in the same pack. If you are unable to decide whether to go for tampons or pads, then buy both! Try using both the products and decide later. You go girl, and find your comfort with Playtex Sports Pads for periods.

Key Features and Specifications

  • This pack gives you the best possible combination of tampons and pads. Whatever the day may bring, you will have protection with you all day long.
  • The Playtex Sport Tampons and Pads feature a Flex-Fit design. Both of them are perfect for you if you want to be hyperactive throughout your cycle.
  • The pads are designed with a Qwik-Dry and Anti-Leak absorbent core. Even the Playtex tampons can absorb the liquid the way you have never imagined.
  • None of these products have any odor or fragrances. In fact, they offer Odor Shield Technology that helps the product in neutralizing any bad period smell.
  • The tampons are popular to give 360 degrees protection. They fit perfectly in your vagina and don’t miss even a single drop of blood from any angle.


The list and reviews mentioned above are the best sanitary pads for sports of 2019 – 2020. If you are reading this article, you must be related to sports or activities that need physical work. So, it’s for sure that you are not going to give up any opportunity for the sake of your silly periods! Try these period pads for sports and keep achieving new heights! Break your own records and prove to the world what a woman can do!

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