Regular vs super tampons – Learn about tampon size and how to choose

Tampons are convenient alternatives to sanitary pads because they are easier to use and come with less hassle. Paying attention to your menstrual flow and choosing the right tampon is important for you to take complete advantage of these products. In this article, we shall walk you through the different sizes of tampons available on the market and which one you should go for.

Benefits of using tampons

While there are cups, discs, and pads for menstrual flow, tampons are widely used for various reasons. Some of their benefits are as follows:

  • They are more hygienic and discreet
  • You do not need to pull them out during urination
  • They are small and convenient
  • They are usually eco-friendly 
  • Tampons do not provoke foul odor

Sizes of tampons

Tampons are of different sizes right from regular to ultra. One common misconception here is that the size depends on the vagina. That’s absolutely false. The size of the vagina has no role to play here. Tampons are created differently based on absorbency and that’s why they come in different sizes. The most popular ones are as follows:Tempons

  • Light
  • Regular
  • Super
  • Super plus
  • Ultra

For beginners, light tampons are perfect. They will help you assess the flow, enabling you to make a better choice the next time.

Regular tampons, on the other hand, are the most commonly used tampons. They can handle regular flow without any problems and need to be changed only once in 4-6 hours. Super tampons and the sizes above are for heavy and very heavy flow. They are very highly absorbent and will be able to handle the flow without issues.

Regular vs super tampons

Regular and super tampons are very common. Anyone who has slightly more flow than regular chooses super tampons. A few women prefer having both handy because the amount of flow changes from one day to the other. 

As aforementioned, it’s all about absorbency. If you feel like your flow is normal, you can choose regular tampons. However, if it doesn’t last for at least 4 hours, you should understand that you need something more absorbent. This is when you should buy super tampons. If the menstrual flow is different on day 1 and higher on days 2 and 3, for example, having a pack of each will help you have a carefree period.

Choosing the best size

Here’s a simple trick – start with regular sized tampons. Remove the tampon after 6 hours. If it is still white or you are feeling uncomfortable because it is dry, you can go down to light. If it is overflowing within 4 hours, you need a super tampon. 


The right size of tampons will make your period days manageable. This is why it is crucial that you check what suits you the best and go with it. Wrong sizes are uncomfortable and troublesome. We hope our article helped answer your question. If you have any more doubts, please leave a comment.

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