Best Menstrual Cup for High Cervix – Top Rated Cup of 2019

Women with higher cervix often complain about the menstrual cups not fitting them properly. A cervix located at a higher position is often termed as high cervix. Having high cervix is normal among women and requires a menstrual cup with a proper design to fit perfectly. Although many companies are producing menstrual cups today, not all of them are suitable for all. It’s recommended checking their features like stem, design, capacity and much more. However, after brainstorming, I came across the cups that were explicitly designed for women with a high cervix.

Best Menstrual Cup for High Cervix

There are many good quality menstrual cups available both online and offline. Many of them are also available in two different types or sizes for regular and heavy flow. Go through the list and find the one according to your preference.

1. Lena Menstrual Cup for High CervixLena Menstrual Cup 

One of the popular choices for menstrual cup among women with high crevixes is this Lena Menstrual cup. It is FDA approved hygienic menstrual cup that can be reused. It is suitable for women having regular to high cervixes. The cup is comfortable to wear. Lena menstrual cup is available in two sizes: small and large. The girls experiencing a heavy flow can opt for the larger cups having more capacity. Unlike tampons and pads, these cups do not cause rashes or infections.

Key features:

  • The menstrual cup offers 12-hour protection without any leaks, stains, or odor.
  • It is easy to insert and remove. The cup is suitable for girls of all ages.
  • The cup is made with US medical grade silicones and dyes exclusively.
  • It is made with 100% recyclable packaging. As the cups are made with chlorine-free and vegetable-based inks which are eco-friendly.
  • The menstrual cup can be used both during the day and night time.


2. Intimina Lily Ultra-Soft Menstrual CupIntimina Lily Ultra-Soft Menstrual Cup

Another excellent option for women having higher crevixes is this Lily ultra-soft menstrual cup. The cup is made from the smooth and thin silicone that is BPA-free and contains or harmful chemicals or bleaches. It is suitable for women of all ages having regular to high cervix. The best feature about this cup is that it comes in two variants.

Type A: Suitable for women who have not given birth or have had C- section delivery.

Type B: Ideal for women who have given birth vaginally and also for those who are diagnosed with a weak pelvic floor. 

 Key features:

  • The menstrual cup is made from medical grade and soft silicone.
  • It can give protection up to 12 hours regardless of the flow.
  • The cups fit perfectly without causing irritation or a weird odor.
  • The higher capacity cups have a stem which is suitable for women having a high cervix and heavy flow.
  • The cup is comfortable to wear all day long without causing any dryness. It is hypoallergenic and foldable.


3. SckoonCup Menstrual Cup for High CervixSckoonCup Menstrual Cup

SckoonCup has got many positive reviews and feedback from the women who have used it. The cup’s smooth and ridge-free design is one of the best features. The cup is flexible and doesn’t poke when you bend. It is made with soft silicone, which is ideal for beginners. The cup is also suitable for women who do not prefer using stiff menstrual cups. It comes in two different sizes to choose from. There is no irritation or dryness caused due to using this cup.

Key features:

  • The menstrual cup is designed to make it smooth, comfortable and easy to insert and remove it.
  • SckoonCup menstrual cups are suitable for women of all ages.
  • The angled suction holes in the cup enable it to hold the flow without causing any discomfort.
  • It is produced from FDA approved medical grade silicone free of BPA and other harsh chemicals.
  • The menstrual cup comes with an easy to carry organic cotton pouch that can be used to store the cup when not in use.



4. Super Jennie Menstrual CupSuper Jennie Menstrual Cup

The cups became an instant favorite among women due to its quirky packaging as well as the maximum holding capacity. It is suitable for women having a higher cervix. It is a great eco-friendly option for tampons and pads. The cups are made with reusable silicone and are extremely comfortable to wear. Many reviewers suggest that the cup doesn’t move that much and remains intact even while playing sports, swimming and other physical activities. The cup is available in two sizes for regular and heavy flow. So now you can choose the size as per your flow and other criteria. 

Key features:

  • The cup is made with 100% medical grade and FDA registered silicone.
  • It is easy to open the cup and insert it with ease. 
  • There are no leaks or stains as the cup has an excellent capacity to hold the flow for a more extended period.
  • The cups have a seamless finish and affordable.
  • It is suitable for beginners as well as adult women.



5. FemmyCycle Menstrual CupFemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

One of the trusted names for menstrual cups is FemmyCycle. It is comfortable to insert the cup due to its design. The cup is comfortable to wear all day long. FemmyCycle menstrual cup can be reused for up to 2 years. It is an excellent alternative for women who like to exercise and have an active lifestyle. The cup doesn’t move or poke while sleeping or during the day. So if you are searching for the perfect menstrual cup to replace tampons than this is the one for you.

Key features:

  • The cup is made from body-safe silicone that is soft and free of latex, BPA, toxic chemicals and dyes.
  • It has a foldable no-spill rim to avoid leaks and stains during periods.
  • The menstrual cup offers up to 12 hours of leak-free protection.
  • FemmyCycle cups have a removal ring to remove the cup and wear it all day long comfortably.
  • It is vegan, cruelty-free and comes in three different sizes for different cervix heights. So you can choose the size as per the location of the cervix.



These are the options that you can consider if you are searching for the cups that are comfortable for the higher cervix. Make sure to check all the features and price before you purchase it. In case you are wondering how to know your cervix position and what is the difference between a low and high cervix, then I will give a brief about it.

How to locate the position of the cervix?

It is common among teens not to know the height of their cervix and how to locate it. A cervix is a passage that starts from the end part of the uterus to the top of the vagina. During menstruation, the blood passes from the cervix to the vagina. It is vital to know the position of the cervix for finding better options in menstrual cups. It also helps in understanding the fertility and the ovulation time for the women who want to conceive. There is a simple knuckle rule to check the cervix height. Insert your index finger while squatting. You will get one out of three results:

If the first knuckle of the finger touches cervix, then it is located at a lower position.

The cervix is at a medium height if you can feel cervix between the first and second knuckle of your finger.

If you can feel the cervix between the second and third knuckles or your finger can barely touch it, then your cervix is located at a higher position.

Concluding Remarks

It’s recommended to know the position of your cervix and then order the menstrual cups. Remember to empty the cup and clean it once in a while to avoid infections. I hope this article helps you with finding the perfect menstrual cup for making your periods more comfortable.

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