Can you Take a Drug Test While on your Period – Know from Professionals

Drug tests are a compulsion when it comes to many job positions, athletes, immigration, post-accident reports and much more. These tests are conducted to see if a person is on illegal drugs, as listed by the board of the officials in that particular country. While there are many ways to verify the presence of drugs in the body, collecting urine samples for checking the traces of drugs is the most used way for this testing. The women having such tests on the day of their periods often ask it is okay to take a drug test while menstruating. And the answer is yes; you can take such tests.

Can you Take a Drug Test While on Your Period?

Drug Test

If you are wondering why then I will tell you all the reasons why you can still go for testing even when you are on your period.

  • Firstly the urine is collected to find the traces of any drugs or alcohol that a person has taken or consumed in the past. So having blood in your urine can not affect the results of your test. You can opt for wearing a fresh tampon to avoid the presence of blood in your sample. Also, it is best to talk to your doctor if you are opting for a urine test. Depending upon your previous medical history and present condition, he will help you out with the solution. However, it is advisable to talk to the doctor or the employer if you can postpone the test if you are not comfortable with it.
  • As mentioned above, there are different ways that one can use for drug testing and so you can opt for collecting other samples to test the presence of drugs. You can ask your doctor for a saliva test, blood test, hair test, or any other biological sample collection that can aid in detecting the traces of drugs, if any, in your body. This way, you will be able to appear for the drug test and also save you from discomfort.

Concluding Remarks 

So it is quite clear that you can take a drug test while you are on your period if it is unavoidable. To get a clear idea, it is better to ask your doctor if it is fine to do so. You can also use a fresh tampon or menstrual cups before the test to avoid the traces of blood in your sample. Coordinate with the authorities asking for the drug test for a delay if you are not comfortable with it. I hope this article answers your question along with some suggestions that come handy to you.

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