Best Menstrual Cup For Teenagers – Grab The Best For Your Daughter

Making a shift from sanitary pads or tampons to the menstrual cups can seem challenging, but with the right size of the menstrual cup, you can make this transition smooth. We all know by now how convenient menstrual cups are along with their sustainability and eco-friendly properties. Today, several brands have come up with different sizes of cups to offer an inclusive range for all women. 

However, teens till struggle to find the smallest menstrual cups as there not many companies offering it. And if you or anyone around is looking for options to explore for the menstrual cups for teens, this article will be of great help. After doing my thorough research and taking in reviews from my friends, I have compiled a list of five best menstrual cups for teenagers that are smaller in size and offer the maximum protection and comfortable to wear. Go through this list and find the option that caters to all your requirements:

Best Menstrual Cup For Teenagers

1. Dutchess Menstrual Cups 

Dutchess Menstrual CupThe menstrual cups by dutchess have been a popular choice among teens for small menstrual cups. These cups are in a small size-B that is suitable for petite-framed women, teens, or those who have had c-section. The cups are smaller in size, making it ideal for teens who are just starting to use the cups. The cups come with a bag to store it and are also easy to clean. 

  • It comes in a set of two reusable menstrual cups-pink and purple to carry one in the handbag in case of an emergency.

  • The cups are comfortable to wear and also have an easy grip stem removal.

  • As it made using 100% grade silicone, it is safe for use.

  • There are no Phlatates, latex, BPA, or dioxin used in making this menstrual cup.

  • The cups are waterproof, long-lasting, and eco-friendly.

  • Some women have complained about the short stem of the cup that makes it difficult to remove the cup after use.


2. Pixie Period Cup 

Pixie Period CupSwapping your tampons with this sustainable and eco-friendly menstrual cup is what you can do if you are searching for options that do little to no harm to our planet. These cups are made using environmentally friendly materials only. The cups are available in various sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large. These small-sized cups are recommended for teenagers, pre-birth, or women with a high cervix. The brand also claims to donate one menstrual cup to the women in need when you buy one. 

  • Pixie’s menstrual cups are usable for up to 10 years; making is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  • The cups are made using body safe dyes and medical grade silicone to replace regular tampons and sanitary pads.

  • It has a long stem for adjusting the position and removing it with ease.

  • The rim of the cup is designed to provide suction for up to 12 hours, making it leakproof.

  • Several women have not liked the long stem in the menstrual cup as it makes it uncomfortable to wear it.


3. Lena Sensitive Menstrual Cup

Lena Sensitive Menstrual CupIf you are searching for a cup that is ideal for sensitive skin in a smaller size, then Lena cups will be the best choice for you. Lena is a leading brand that promotes the idea of being eco-conscious as these cups are 100% eco-friendly and are packed using recycled packaging with vegetable-based dyes. The smaller size of the cups is suitable for the teens, and its bell-shaped design makes it easy to wear it all day long without causing any irritation or rashes. 

  • The menstrual cup provides complete protection along with an odorless and sensation-less period.

  • It is perfect for beginners, teenagers, people will less flow, and adult women with sensitive anatomies.

  • Lena menstrual cups are made using medical-grade silicone and dyes to ensure its safety.

  • It has a soft rim for interesting the cup with ease and a flexible stem to remove it.

  • The cup provides leakproof protection for up to 12 hours.


  • Some women had problems while removing this menstrual cup.

  • The cup can leak if it is not sealed correctly.


4. OrganiCup Menstrual Cup

OrganiCupAnother excellent option that has made it to this list due to its “best skin-friendly menstrual cup” characteristic is this one by OrganiCup. Like some brands mentioned earlier, this brand also makes eco-friendly menstrual cups for a better and comfortable period. There are three sizes available: A, B, and Mini. The size mini is suitable for teenagers, beginners, or those looking for extra small menstrual cups. 

  • The cups are made using soft medical-grade silicone that offers protection for up to 12 hours.

  • It comes with a flexible stem, and hence you can trim it according to your preference.

  • As the cup is made using no additive colors, it is safe to use and doesn’t cause any rashes, allergy, or infections.

  • OrganiCup also aids in eliminating dryness and irritation by ensuring that the pH levels remain intact. The cups are FDA registered and also allergy certified. 

  • It comes with a cotton bag to store the cup when not in use.

  • The menstrual cups can be tricky to remove and is not able to hold heavy flow.


5. Intimina Lily Cup One

Intimina Lily CupSometimes we save the best for the last, and if you are starting to use a menstrual cup for your periods, this option will be best suited for you. These menstrual cups for Intimina are made using the unique concept of offering flexible collapsible cups that are easy to wear all day long. It is ideal for beginners, especially teenagers, as this particular cup comes in a smaller size but provides complete leakproof protection. The cup is made using hypoallergenic materials, which prevents rashes, dryness, and skin irritation caused due to sanitary napkins and tampons. 

  • The cup has a leakproof double rim for inserting it with ease.

  • Unlike other menstrual cups, this one comes with a looped stem that makes it convenient to remove.

  • This menstrual cup is made using FDA-approved, BPA-free silicone. 

  • The cup collapses into a carry-sized lip balm so that you can carry it with ease no matter where you go.

  • Pros:It is reusable for up to 10 years, make sure that you wash it from time to time.

  • The cup comes with a cute carrying case that is compact and can be around everywhere.


  • Some women complained that the cup doesn’t hold its shape and starts collapsing after inserting.



Concluding Remarks

Menstrual cups are better than all the other options available as they are more durable and long-lasting. When it comes to choosing the cup for a beginner, I would suggest the menstrual cups by Lena as they are soft and comfortable to wear and offer 12 hours leakproof protection. All the other menstrual cups also provide the same functions, but Lena has been a trusted brand due to its invincible quality and ease of wearing it throughout the day. You can also opt for the other options depending upon your preference, but make sure to go through all the menstrual cup features before making a final choice.

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