Cardboard Tampons VS Plastic Tampons – Know Your Choices

Women all around the globe are just on one mission: to find the perfect sanitary product for the time when our monthly friends visit. No matter how attractive the packaging is or how catchy the brand’s tagline is, we women just demand one thing: to have comfortable periods and have sanitary products that can make our periods convenient. 

Well, there are so many options now to choose from, it’s vital to know the pros and cons of all the options to make an informed decision. Tampons became massively popular among women as it is more comfortable to wear them, especially for the women who like to do yoga, swim or any other physical activity during menstruation.

Tampons come in different variants as one can choose from the various absorbency type and opting for either plastic or cardboard applicators. The applicators help insert the tampon with ease, and one should know the pros and cons of both these types of applicators to make a better choice.

Cardboard Applicators

Cardboard ApplicatorsThese applicators were one of the first applicators that were ever invented, and as the name suggests, these applicators are made of cardboard. As compared to other alternatives, these applicators are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. 

Plastic Applicators

Plastic ApplicatorsPlastic tampons, or rather tampons with plastic applicators, became a rage amongst women. The only difference is that these tampons have applicators that are made from plastic. 

Cardboard Applicator vs Plastic Applicator

Cardboard applicator
Plastic applicator
These types of applicators are biodegradable and are not harmful to your body or the planet.As these applicators are made of plastic these are not biodegradable but some companies do make use of other materials along with plastic to make these applicators.
Cardboard applicators are rigid and one can take some time to adapt to these kinds of applicators.Plastic applicators are quite easy to work with and also offer more control when it comes to making some adjustments.
Cardboard applicators do not glide easily but one can use the trick of “twist and turn” to insert the tampons with ease.The tampons with plastic applicators easily glide and are more comfortable than the cardboard applicators.

Several women like using cotton tampons with plastic applicators as it is more comfortable to insert. As a beginner, if someone starts with tampons with cardboard applicators, it can be tricky initially, but once habituated, tampons with cardboard applicators are also easy to insert.

Are Cardboard Tampons Bad For You?

Absolutely not! Tampons with cardboard applicators are suitable for your body as well as our environment. So don’t hesitate to try these tampons just because they are different.

Closing Thoughts

If you have been thinking about making the shift to cardboard applicators or cardboard tampons, it is worth giving a shot. This will help to reduce plastic wastage and is also entirely safe for your body. One can also follow the instructions provided on the packaging to ensure a smooth insert. A couple of online videos can also help you understand more about inserting such tampons with utmost ease.

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