Can you Take a Shower With a Tampon In – Know Tampon Myths and Facts

Women often find it confusing when it comes to taking a shower with the tampon in. While the teenage girls who don’t know much about the do’s and dont’s of the periods often ask if is it okay to shower with a tampon in. The answer is yes, it is entirely okay to bathe with a tampon. However, several women do not like to do so. And hence the answer is subjective and differs from person to person. So to give you a clear and better idea about the reasons why some people prefer it and some don’t, I am going to mention all the reasons below in this blog.

Can you Take a Shower With a Tampon In?

Women who say it is fine to keep it on while bathing considers all these points for doing so:

  • There are many companies claiming that it is safe to keep the tampon while bathing and hence they are fine with taking a shower with the tampon.
  • For the days you are experiencing less bleeding, it is fine to keep the tampon for a longer time. 
  • Many women find it uncomfortable to remove the tampons that are not ready yet, as it can be a little painful. Tampons need to be soaked a little for coming out easily and hence it is preferable to leave them inside for a while if you are not experiencing heavy chums.
  • Some people like to insert a new tampon before they take a shower to avoid blood stains while taking a shower and hence they find it completely fine.

Well, now that you know there are several women out there who have their logical reasoning for keeping the tampons in while taking a bath, let us discuss what the other women think who do not like to keep it in.

Is It OK to Wear a Tampon in the Bath

  • Many women find that their string of the tampon gets wet while taking a shower. This wet string can make them uncomfortable all day and hence they take it out before stepping into the shower.
  • Others find the idea of leaving tampon inside while bathing gross as they do not feel clean or fresh. And hence they like to take it out every time before they go for a shower.
  • As the blood doesn’t leak out while taking a bath, many girls like to take it out for a more comfortable shower.
  • Lastly, it is advisable to change the tampons or clean them if there is heavy bleeding. 

Closing thoughts

Putting it all together, there is no right or wrong when it comes to keeping the tampons in while you are taking a shower. If you are annoyed by the feeling of a wet string, then you can tuck it inside or even cut it. This will neither hamper your shower nor make you feel uncomfortable. Secondly, if you are someone who has long shifts and experiences more bleeding, then it better to take it out before shower and insert a fresh one after it. As it is many women who enjoy swimming or water sports keep it in while doing so, it is fine to do it while taking a shower too. 

In short, this decision of keeping a tampon or not depends upon your preference, bleeding and other factors. As far as you are comfortable with the way you choose, that is what only matters. So my ladies, while it is completely fine to keep it in, but if you are not comfortable with it, then you can take it out and enjoy your shower.

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