Can you go Swimming with a Menstrual Cup: Read before you go

If you want a short and simple answer to this question of can you go swimming with a menstrual cup, then it is yes, you can. A menstrual cup is a blessing in disguise for women. Unlike pads and tampons, cups are very comfortable to wear. However many women have queries and a lot of doubts regarding going for swimming in periods. To address all the frequently asked questions, I have curated all the common questions and answered them at length in this article. Read this article to know more about swimming in periods as well as menstrual cups and swimming in general.

Can you go Swimming with a Menstrual Cup?

Are menstrual cups more suitable for swimming than pads and tampons?

Not all women are still acquainted with the idea of wearing menstrual cups in their periods. Many women even opt for tampons or pads, which is not suitable for swimming. Wearing a pad is not a good idea as the fear of leaks or leaving a blood trail is always there. However, menstrual cups are inserted inside the body, and hence, it is safer to wear it. Tampons are not very comfortable to wear in swimming as there it can absorb water and feel a bit strange. Many women feel as if the tampon starts moving due to the water force. To avoid all these issues, it is better to opt for menstrual cups.

Before wearing the cup, make sure to empty it and clean it properly. Drain all the blood, boil it in water and pat dry. Once it is sanitized and clean, insert in your vagina. Make sure to fit the cup properly. Always select the right size of the menstrual cup to avoid misfitting or any other problem. Unlike tampons, the cups don’t have any strings that can get pulled or struck while swimming. A menstrual cup seals the flow and lets you enjoy your swimming time.

Is swimming advisable during periods?

Contrary to popular belief, doing any physical activity or swimming is actually good for your body during periods. There is no harm in opting for swimming; make sure that the pool you choose is sanitized. Many people deny this as they think blood can contaminate the pool for other swimmers. However, this is not true as chemicals like chlorine and bromine are added to the pool to kill any bacteria in water. So don’t believe these rumors and dive if you want to!

Can swimming lead to more menstrual cramps? 

This is the most asked question from the women who already bear with cramps every month. The answer is no; it doesn’t. Like mentioned earlier, doing any physical activity is beneficial and will help you with the cramps. Water has a soothing effect on your body and the buoyancy properties of the water help you to feel less bloated. Bloating is a common factor we see in the women having periods which can be reduced by going for a swim.

Can you get infections because of swimming during periods?

As the water is chlorinated, there very few chances of getting an infection due to swimming. If you are wearing a menstrual cup while swimming, then this shouldn’t be a problem at all. The chlorine in water can irritate the vagina, for which it is suggested to take a bath after every swimming session. In case you feel there is itching or burning sensation, seek a doctor’s help asap. The chances of getting stomach or vaginal infections are rare, but be sure to take all preventive measures for it.

Does the flow stop while swimming?

No, the flow doesn’t stop while you are swimming. Bein in water can exert some pressure on your vagina due to which it will not flow out in the water. But the bleeding doesn’t stop while swimming. In case you are very conscious about your flow, then you can opt for waterproof panties that resist water and do not let it enter inside.

Concluding Remarks

So, ladies, you can definitely go swimming wearing menstrual cups without any fear of leaks. If you are experiencing heavy flow or fatigue due to periods, it is advisable to rest instead of going for swimming. Do not go swimming if you feel worn out as this can elevate after swimming. The rest of the days go out and enjoy your day at the sea or pool.

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