Can You Flush Pads – Know Why You Shouldn’t

The one-word answer to this question is No; you shouldn’t flush pads down the toilet. Now you might be wondering what could possibly go wrong when you flush down the sanitary pads. Well, everything that we humans do in our day to day life has repercussions that we are not even aware of. Many women find it easy to flush down the sanitary napkins or tampons in their toilets to avoid disposing of the pads properly and saving their time. However, this doesn’t go well with our mother nature and can impact so many things around us. 

Can You Flush Pads?

Of course a big No. To help you understand how flushing the pads down affects our ecosystem and surroundings, keep reading this blog.

Why Shouldn’t You Flush Pads Down The Toilet?

Flush Pads Down The Toilet

Sanitary pads have this property of absorbing the water, and we women use these napkins due to their excellent absorbent feature of holding the menstrual flow. This same rule applies when the pad is flushed down your toilet. The sanitary pad starts absorbing water and starts growing in size. These pads can further clog your drain pipes or can also start building up in the pipelines. For reversing these conditions, you might have to call for plumbing services, which is both time-consuming and expensive. In some places, these flushed napkins have clogged the entire sewage system that has led to massive troubles in apartments and housing society.

The sight of clogged pipes is never pleasant, and these sanitary napkins can create havoc in your rather peaceful life. Due to its property of absorbing water, many places have the signs of “ don’t flush your napkins” or “ don’t flush your tampons” in the public restrooms. 

Apart from that, all these sanitary napkins are majorly made using plastic, which we all know doesn’t decompose and starts building up. Plastic has been a cause of so many environment-related problems already. Hence, many women are making a shift towards menstrual cups to cut down the use of plastic

This plastic build-up is harmful to the environment and damages our ecosystem at a higher level. Even people working to fix these sewage problems can be at risk due to sanitary reasons. Likewise, it is advisable not to flush diapers, tampons, wipes, etc in your toilet. As these products contain non-biodegradable single-use plastic, it is harmful to the environment.

In a nutshell, these napkins, if flushed, can cause:

  • Sewer blockages
  • Water pollution
  • Damaged sewage systems
  • Flooding or outburst of the drain pipes
  • Environmental risks
  • Health risks

Concluding Remarks

Flushing pads down the toilet is not a good idea, and hence it is recommended to dispose of such products in the right way. A lot of manufacturers mention the appropriate method of disposing of such products, and it should be followed to avoid all the above-stated problems. You can also try and choose cotton pads or menstrual cups as these are environment-friendly options and do not cause any such issues. I hope this blog helps you understand that you can’t and shouldn’t flush pads down your toilet no matter what.

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