Best Dog for Single Working Female: Breeds for Women Living Alone

Women living alone often long for someone who can be there for companionship and protection. And what can be better than getting a dog who snuggles beside you and also protects you against all the potential threats? Dogs have been humankind’s best friend for ages. Their loyalty, affection, and love for their human friends are unmatched. They would go to any length to ensure the safety and security of their owners. 

Although it is not tough to live alone, having a pet just makes it easier. Be it during your movie marathon nights or the days you hear weird sounds at night. Apart from that, several reports suggest that thieves do not prefer to enter the premises that have dogs, as they alert the owners and protect them against such incidents. But before getting any pet, you should know that it comes with responsibility and commitment.

Dogs need time, space, attention, and a safe space where they can live with ease. Being an owner, it is vital to take care of all their needs and spend ample time with them as that is what they long for the most. Before reading our breed recommendations below, note down answers for the following questions:

  • What kind of dog do you prefer?
  • Where do you live – apartment or house?
  • How much time can you commit to your dog?
  • Do you want a trained dog or want to teach them on your own?
  • Are there any safety threats in the locality you live?

Best Dog for Single Working Female

You must be wondering why you should answer these questions. Well, this will help you to select the breed that is suitable for you. There are certain parameters that one should consider before getting a puppy to make it easy for you. Now that you know your preferences check out our picks for the best dogs for single women.

German Shepherd

One of the most popular dog breeds among people who live alone is the German Shepherd. The breed has been a popular choice in the military as service dogs and guard dogs because this breed’s dogs have a deep and aggressive bark. Women living alone can opt for this breed because the dogs of this breed are quite active, loving, and protective of their owners.German Shepherd

German Shepherds are often more preferred because of their versatility as they can fit all types of situations are also loving pets. Once trained, these dogs will make protect you and also accompany you wherever you go.

Great Dane

Most women who live alone often want to opt for the Great Dane breed as they are huge in size and can protect their owners from all the danger and threats. However, we would recommend getting this dog only if you live in a fenced house and not an apartment. As it is quite big in size, the dog needs space where he/she can comfortably live.Great Dane

Dogs of this breed also get along with other pets and are also very affectionate. Great Danes get aggressive only when needed; rest they are loving and like to be around their owners.

Golden Retriever

The most popular dog breed worldwide is the Golden Retriever. The dogs of this breed are playful, compassionate, and friendly. They adapt to the surroundings quickly and light up anyone’s mood. For someone who is living alone, getting a golden retriever can be a good choice as they will accompany you wherever you go.Golden Retriever

This breed is not aggressive and is also not one of those “protective” dog breeds. But they are undoubtedly fun, bubbly, and adorable. 


If you are a single woman living in an apartment and looking for a dog that can be your companion, this breed is suitable. Boxer breed dogs are playful, affectionate, and are good watchdogs. As they are smaller in size, dogs of this breed don’t require much space, making it suitable for anyone who wants to get a dog that doesn’t acquire much space in their house. Boxer

We recommend this dog breed for someone who wants company and is not particularly looking for aggressive dogs, as this breed is known for its playful nature.

Doberman Pinscher

If there is one breed that is known for being supremely protective, then it has to be this breed of Doberman. They are incredibly protective of their owners and always stick with them no matter what. This breed can be a perfect choice for all single women as the dogs are loving, affectionate, and can keep protected.Doberman Pinscher

The dogs of the breed are also giant in appearance, which can scare all the people that can be a potential harm to the owners. Due to their traits, this breed’s dogs are widely chosen as “personal protection” dogs.


If you are particularly looking for a pet that can scare people just by their appearances, then you can also opt for Rottweiler dog breeds. They are huge and can weigh up to 130 pounds, so if you live in a small space, it is recommended to opt for another breed of dogs.Rottweiler

Apart from their appearance, the dogs are loyal to their owners and also quite protective. They are similar to German shepherds and ideal for all the single ladies to keep up their company.

English Bulldog

This dog breed can be ideal for a woman who enjoys the company of pets, likes to go on short walks, and wants a dog that is not super active. Bulldogs enjoy spending time with their owners and can be a great companion. However, these dogs cannot be considered protective dogs.English Bulldog

So if you are just looking for a great company and a furry friend that can stay with you, opt for this dog breed!

Concluding Remarks

All the dog breeds mentioned above are perfect for single women living by themselves. We have made sure to include choices for all types of criteria. You can easily find your perfect match, depending on your preferences. But do consider that large dog breed sizes will require more space to stretch out, so go for a breed with a small size if there are space constraints in the place you live.

It can become overwhelming to select any of these above-stated breeds as all dogs are kind, compassionate, and loving. But we all have to make some difficult choices, don’t we? So make one and get yourself a furry friend that will be with you through thick and thin literally!

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